Visit Sunshine Coast Launches Solar-Powered TV Campaign ‘Sunshine Moments’ Via BCM Group

Visit Sunshine Coast Launches Solar-Powered TV Campaign ‘Sunshine Moments’ Via BCM Group


BCM Group and director Josh Zaini relied on solar power to film the ad in nine hero locations across the Sunshine Coast, with a portable 5kw solar generator attached to the production vehicle powering everything on set from their cameras to laptops, battery chargers and even hair dryers.

The agency, film crew and local talent involved in the shoot also took steps to travel sustainably while in the destination, with VSC working through the companies EarthCheck and Reforest to remove emissions generated from aspects of the production that were not able to be solar powered.

The campaign launched today and encourages holiday-makers to visit the Sunshine Coast to find their own ‘Sunshine Moment’ that will leave them beaming from the inside out.

Visit Sunshine Coast head of marketing Kelly Ryan said the campaign embraces the destination’s name and aims to show visitors that on the Sunshine Coast sunshine is not just a physical thing, it’s a feeling: “Here on the Sunshine Coast we’re both sunny by name and sunny by nature, with the campaign inviting visitors to come here and find their Sunshine Moment.

“There is no shortage of incredible experiences to be had here – from eco adventures that will get you back to nature to paddock to plate dining experiences, adrenalin inducing tours and rainforest retreats – meaning no matter what makes you happy and energised, you’ll find it on the Sunshine Coast.

“Sunshine Moments is all about sharing these experiences that make the Sunshine Coast so special with holiday makers, and giving them the freedom to come here and do what they love and cherish those moments that matter to them.”

Ryan said the decision to film the ad using sunshine from the Sunshine Coast reflected the sustainability credentials of the destination: “The Sunshine Coast is the only destination in the world where three UNESCO Biospheres sit side-by-side, and everything we can do to support the ongoing sustainability of our destination, whether it be big or small, can make a difference.

“We have some incredible examples of eco tourism operators on the Sunshine Coast, and part of this campaign will be about giving these operators a platform to share their sustainable practices and attract likeminded travellers.”

To best capture the essence of the destination, Sunshine Moments was also filmed using those who really know a thing or two about Sunshine Moments: Sunshine Coast locals.

Says Ryan: “Real people, real experiences, real nature and real authenticity is at the heart of what makes the Sunshine Coast so special.”

Sunshine Moments will be rolled out in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria across multi-media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, WeAre8, Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD), YouTube pre-roll, Programmatic Display and Native Tiles.

The campaign will be critical in helping lure back interstate visitors to the Sunshine Coast now there are no longer any restrictions on travel, with interstate visitors crucial to supporting the Sunshine Coast tourism industry during mid-week and off-peak periods.

Says Andy Ward, creative lead, BCM Group: “It felt right for the brand. Creating an ad out of the very thing they’re known for.

“It also allowed us to showcase the sheer beauty and wonderful moments on the Sunshine Coast within the world-first solar-powered television commercial (TVC).”

Says Phil McDonald, managing director and partner at BCM Group: “It was refreshing to create something unique in a category where brands can often be difficult to distinguish”.
“The team has done a great job in capturing that quintessential Sunshine Coast experience that you can’t get anywhere else.”

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