BCM Open Minds: Unlocking Effective Transformation at Speed

BCM Open Minds: Unlocking Effective Transformation at Speed


Unlocking effective transformation at speed

A BCM Group Open Minds Event Summary

Transformation is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. The specific approach that a business takes will depend on its unique circumstances, goals, and resources.

The definition of the problem is always harder than the description of the answer.
Jon Steel – Retired Global Head of Planning at WPP & author of Truth Lies & Advertising

Business transformations vary in terms of content, pace, and place of initiation — and it’s rare that companies are only undergoing one at a time. With the complexity involved, organisations need to understand the various types of transformations, and know how to manage each.

BCM recently hosted a panel event discussing effective transformation within organisations. Here is a collection of the key themes including:

  1. Making the decision to transform
  2. Where to start the process
  3. Who to involve in transformation
  4. The transformation process
  5. Insights on transformation